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How to get the most out of the updated Attribution report

Rashed Khan / Ppc / April 03, 2020

Google Ads has a section that can help with measuring the click journey before a conversion occurred in your PPC account. This report has previously been called Search Attribution, but Google has revamped it and changed the name to Attribution. To get to the Attribution page within Google Ads click on ‘Tools & Settings’ on the top right of the page and then on ‘Attribution’ which can be found under the ‘Measurement’ heading.

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How to manage your PPC budget

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / March 23, 2020

PPC budget is the advertising funding that you, as an advertiser, must participate in the search engine paid search auctions. The budget is spent by paying a cost per click every time a user clicks on your advertisement. As an advertiser in PPC advertising, you pay for a prominent position in the search engines, which means increase visibility and potentially increase traffic to your site and conversions.

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Covid-19 – what PPC advertisers should expect

Rashed Khan / Ppc / March 16, 2020

As Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is increasingly spreading more rapidly in the UK, the uncertainty has caused a lot of hysteria and general panic in the last few days. While the government decides on the best way forward for the country, many businesses are having to consider what their strategy should be amidst the panic.

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Online clothing sellers – your PPC strategy by season

Rashed Khan / Ppc / March 09, 2020

If you sell clothing online, you are most likely aware of the fact that sales for each type of product vary a lot based on the time of the year and season. For clothing businesses using PPC advertising to sell their clothes, this presents a problem. It is not enough to just look at the last fourteen or last thirty days of data to decide on how much to bid on a keyword and whether to keep it running. This is because the performance of the keyword may change based on the season. So just because a particular keyword did well last month, does not necessarily mean that it will do well this month.

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PPC Optimised Landing Pages

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / February 24, 2020

PPC is often focused on the ad copy, budget, and keywords, however, all of that is very focused on getting the ad displayed, seen and clicked on by a potential website visitor and customer. However, there is a second part to getting the user to convert, which is where PPC landing page optimisation comes in play.

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Google Analytics Attribution Models Explained – a Look at Your Options

Rashed Khan / Google-ads / February 19, 2020

It is rarely the case that a customer will search for something on Google, click a PPC ad and then make a purchase after the first visit. There is often a research journey where the customer is influenced or led into making a purchase on your site. This blog will talk about what an attribution model is in Google Analytics, why it is important to consider and what attribution models you have available to you in Google Analytics.

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