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Based in Leeds, we are one of the leading PPC marketing agencies in the UK offering Pay Per Click campaign management and advertising services.

We use data-led strategies backed with powerful creative approaches and our effective 'profit over traffic' approach to Pay Per Click marketing and advertising.

We create a bespoke PPC strategy for every project we work on using our advanced frameworks.

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Our profit over traffic approach to PPC management is perfectly suited for both ecommerce businesses looking to increase sales and lead generation businesses looking to increase quality leads. We can help to create profit ver traffic focused campaigns in the following areas:

Case Studies

  • Double The Sales For Half The Cost For Speech Therapy Business

    Speech Buddies is an online platform that connects the families of children with speech and language challenges with knowledgeable and experienced speech therapy professionals. In addition to speech therapy, Speech Buddies offer tools, books, and games to help children achieve their full speech potential.

    The company was obtaining sales via Google Ads but the advertising spend was eating into profits to the point where PPC wasn’t profitable for them. Pepper delivered outstanding results. After auditing the account and implementing basic account improvements, the website saw a 360% increase in conversion rate with a big reduction in cost.

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  • 355% More Leads In Four Months For Podiatry Clinic

    Pepper PPC Agency was approached by The Barn Clinic; an established private health care clinic based in Sheffield offering first-class cryosurgery treatment for Morton’s Neuroma, as well as other podiatry treatments. The Barn Clinic was not happy with the number of leads that it received from its PPC account, as it was negatively impacting the general running of the business.

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