Pepper PPC Agency was approached by The Barn Clinic; an established private health care clinic based in Sheffield offering first-class cryosurgery treatment for Morton’s Neuroma, as well as other podiatry treatments. The Barn Clinic was not happy with the number of leads that it received from its PPC account, as it was negatively impacting the general running of the business.

Pepper have completely exceeded all our expectations, and have been incredibly easy to work with

– Robin Weaver, The Barn Clinic


  • New website creation
  • New granular campaign structure
  • Meticulous keyword research and strategy
  • Competitor research


  • 355% lead growth
  • 36% reduction in CPC
  • 297% CTR increase
  • 58% reduction in impressions


By creating a new website, we achieved an increased conversion rate, while at the same time, reducing cost per click prices. The new site took the approach from informative, to action provoking, which pushed users to get in touch with the clinic’s professionals.

The client mentioned that the illness that they treat mainly affects middle-aged females. We also identified that medical students would be searching for their keywords. This would explain why the 18–24 age bracket didn’t perform as well for them. As the student search intent was not commercial but informative, we removed the 18 to 24-year-old age bracket to increase relevant traffic. This helped to improve the conversion rate of the Google Ads account

We were able to increase the CTR by 297%, using our own in-house built granular campaign structure. We also used our in-house built tools to structure campaigns and identify and remove irrelevant traffic.

As a result of the previous steps, the Quality Score improved significantly, leading to a 36% reduction in cost per click.

We created new landing pages for poor-performing, high-volume search terms. One new landing page achieved a CVR that’s 132% higher than the average CVR for the account. The keywords used for this new landing page had never produced a lead prior to creating the new landing page.

By identifying profitable keywords and not just targeting every keyword that appeared to be relevant to the client, The Barn Clinic saw a 58% reduction in impressions. Despite this, the client benefited from a 355% growth in leads.

Expertise and implementations

We restructured the account using our “Profit over traffic” approach. This resulted in a 355% increase in leads and a 58% decrease in impressions. We also saw an increase in conversions and profitability. A reduction in impressions is common when our ‘profit over traffic’ methodology is applied.

The accounts were structured using in-depth keyword research, competitor research, and the client’s insights-led keyword strategy.

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