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Advertise on the largest search engine in the World with Pepper PPC Agency - a Google Ads Partner. Google Ads is often the first PPC advertising platform that new advertisers consider. All our PPC consultants are Google Ads certified and can help to set up Google Ads campaigns, manage, and also optimise them to increase the returns.

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How does Google Ads marketing work?

Google is the world’s leading search engine. It has even made its way into the dictionaries with the verb to google (to find information on Google’s indexed version of the World Wide Web). Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), is the name of Google’s advertising platform.

A Pepper PPC agency paid advertising manager creates a PPC campaign with attention-grabbing and engaging ad copy featuring highly relevant keywords. Once a Google search engine user makes a search query containing the exact or similar intent keyword, your ad competes with other ads to be displayed either above or below organic search results. You pay only if a user clicks on your ad.

As a specialist Google Ads agency based in Leeds, our Google Ads consultants work with businesses across the UK to create, manage and optimise profitable Google Ads PPC marketing campaigns.

Our approach to Google Ads advertising

It is no longer enough to simply choose the right keywords to target. We combine keyword targeting with other factors such as age group, gender, location, device and audience. Before we can do this, we have an immersion session where we get to know you and your business. We then look at the PPC landscape in your niche to come up with a comprehensive PPC strategy to ensure that your PPC campaigns are a success



  • Search
  • Shopping
  • Display
  • Remarketing

A profit over traffic approach to Google Ad management

Our profit over traffic approach to PPC advertising works great for both lead generation PPC and eCommerce PPC on Google Ads. We’re experts in designing intelligent, creative, and impactful Google Ads campaigns that offer a positive and targeted return on investment for our clients.

Our approach to Google Ads advertising

Having worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, we’re not just PPC agency geeks adhering to best practices. We marry your business insights with our knowledge of paid search and PPC advertising to tailor a PPC marketing strategy that is best placed for growing revenue; whether on a mixture of Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Advertising, Quora Ads, Reddit Ads, or even on LinkedIn.

  • Google Shopping Campaigns

    Google Shopping Campaigns

  • Google Merchant Centre Feed Setup

    Google Merchant Centre Feed Setup

  • Search Campaigns Creation

    Search Campaigns Creation

  • Quality Score optimisation

    Quality Score optimisation

  • Budget Management

    Budget Management

  • Google Shopping Optimisation

    Google Shopping Optimisation

  • Landing Page Recommendations

    Landing Page Recommendations

  • Improve Shopping ROI

    Improve Shopping ROI

Why use Pepper PPC agency for your Google Ads advertising

While Google Ads advertising itself is not simple, our proven track record and processes can be broken down into four simple steps.


At Pepper PPC Agency, we take the time to get to know our clients, from the challenges they face, to where they want to be in ten years’ time. If you've already running Pay Per Click advertising, then we'll take time to get to know the pain points and where you've been struggling.

Research & Strategy

We look at the digital landscape in your industry to identify a paid marketing strategy that will grow your business. This could involve running PPC advertising on multiple platforms with a variety of campaign types. For example, we may recommend that you run paid search and shopping campaigns on Google Ads and Instagram advertising after getting to know your business. We’re not afraid to get you involved in the decision-making process. From seasonality and KPIs, right through to economic conditions and product margins, we conduct intense research campaigns on competitors and market conditions — allowing us to set a concrete benchmark for progression.

PPC Account Creation

When it comes to creating a strong PPC account, working on CTRs and Quality Scores are beneficial, but our accounts look beyond this. We structure our PPC accounts in a way that ensures accurate reporting, granular targeting, and impactful ad copy that focuses on growing profit — not just traffic. By using the right blend of positive and negative keywords, we tightly control budgets and minimise wastage as we build and optimise an extensive and encompassing PPC campaign.

Test, Learn, Report & Repeat

We’re a transparent PPC agency and believe we have nothing to hide. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure our reports give you all the information you need to understand what progress has been made. We continually suggest PPC marketing tests that will grow your business, implement them, and then report on our findings.

Case Studies

  • 307% lead growth at a similar cost per lead

    A cosmetic surgery business with clinics in Manchester and Liverpool were disappointed with the lead numbers that their existing PPC agency were getting. They felt like they should be able to get more leads from their Google Ads PPC account and approached Pepper PPC Agency to see if we could help.

    The client offers various forms of cosmetic surgery including breast enlargement, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and otoplasty to name a few.

    View full case study
  • From £0 to £21k a month in 7 months for an online butcher

    A Yorkshire-based supplier of meat to some of the UK's leading chefs, restaurants, and gastropubs approached Pepper PPC Agency for help to launch their online website and to secure traffic that yields a profitable return. The client sells premium, restaurant-quality meat to businesses and wanted to move into the B2C market by setting up an online butcher website.

    This was more than a PPC project for Pepper, as the website needed to be in a good place before the PPC campaign could be profitable. To make this project a success, we needed to create a PPC strategy and account structure that was best suited to bringing in profitable returns. We also needed to advise on the website content and design to ensure it was conversion-focused and best set up to successfully convert traffic into sales.

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Common Google Ads FAQs

  1. Are Google Ads and PPC the same thing?

    PPC (Pay Per Click) and Google Ads are not the same thing. PPC is one form of digital marketing where the advertiser pays only when their ad is clicked. Google Ads is one of the many PPC advertising platforms. Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertising platform.

  2. Can you create an ads campaign before submitting billing information?

    No, you must provide billing information before being able to set up a campaign. To set up billing on Google Ads; log into your account, click the tool icon and Billing & Payments section. Once you have provided your billing information, reviewed and accepted the Google T&C, you will be able to create an ads campaign.

  3. Can you change the currency of your Google account?

    Currently, it is not possible to change the Google Ads account currency. Therefore select this setting carefully.

  4. Can you prevent Google Ads from changing your ad’s wording/format?

    Unfortunately, you cannot prevent Google from changing your ad’s copy/format.

  5. How much does Google PPC cost?

    Running Google PPC has a few considerations. The obvious cost is the cost of advertising on Google. You can spend anywhere from a few pounds a day to thousands of pounds a day depending on how much you’re comfortable spending.

    If you’re worried about producing a good return and want to ask a PPC agency to manage your Google PPC advertising, then there will be PPC agency’s management costs to consider. This can be between anywhere from £50 to £1000 or more, depending on the experience level of your PPC agency.

    Lastly, there may be development costs to add in the conversion tracking code into your website. Also, further website development work may be required to improve the conversion rate of your website and also to improve your Quality Scores which will bring down click prices.

  6. Does Google ads work?

    Google Ads is a profitable marketing channel for many advertisers. However, it is important that a PPC professional is consulted before spending any money on Google Ads. It is very easy to spend a large amount of money and get very little return. Here are three objections that we get for using Google Ads:

    Google Ads is too expensive - It is true that Google Ads click prices have been gradually increasing, which is making it more challenging for PPC advertisers to turn a profit. However, many steps can be taken to bring down your click prices by improving your Quality Scores. It is also essential to look at other areas where performance can be improved. Such as improving the landing pages to increase your conversion rate and also having some form of remarketing strategy to bring people back in the sales funnel.

    You get traffic from SEO, so don’t think you should pay for it with PPC – Organic traffic can be highly profitable, but the key is for both PPC and SEO to work together. SEO has many benefits, but often four PPC ads appear above organic traffic. This means that only PPC can allow advertisers to appear on the top of the page. PPC and SEO often complement each other, which means that it is good to utilise both together and not see them and competing channels.

    Google Ads traffic converts poorly - Google Ads has so many different targeting options, that means it is not enough just to target the right keywords. You can be so much more granular with your targeting. If you can find the right audience, you can be hugely successful despite the rising click prices.

  7. How do I get Google Ads certified?

    To achieve one of the Google Ads certificates, you must join the Google Skillshop, prepare for the Google Ads Fundamentals exam, as well as pass one of the additional exams. If successful, you will obtain the Google Ads Certification. To read our top tips for passing the Google Ads Fundamentals test, visit our blog post.

  8. How do I turn off Google ads?

    To turn off Google Ads, you will need to pause all of your currently live campaigns. To do this, select all of your live campaigns by ticking the checkbox to the left of them. On the blue bar that appears, click on ‘Edit’ and then on ‘Pause’. This will pause the campaign that you have selected.

  9. How does Google track manually dial calls?

    If you manually add a code to your website, it will change the phone number people see if they click on your advertisement. To do this, a Google call forwarding number will be used to track manually dialled calls.

  10. How long does it take for an ad to receive traffic after it’s approved?

    Google Ads reporting is not happening in real-time; therefore, you should expect to see first campaign performance results such as impressions or clicks up to 24 hours after it is launched.

  11. How much is a Google ad?

    The cost of a Google Ad depends on a few factors. Firstly, you only pay Google Ads when an advertiser clicks on your ad. If no one clicks on your ad, then you don’t get charged.

    The amount that you are charged for a click depends on your maximum bid and your Quality Score. Both of these factors are used to calculate your Ad Rank. This determines where you will appear on a page and how much you will pay for a click. Your keyword’s Quality Score is how good Google thinks your ad is.

  12. How to check if your Google Ads budget has been depleted?

    To see if your Google Ads budget has been used, you can set up an “automated rule”, which will enable you to receive an email notification when your campaign has spent a specific amount of budget.

  13. How to qualify for an allocated Google Ads Account Manager

    Google does not disclose the specific criteria that an account to have an assigned Google account manager. Usually sizeable budget and spend over a prolonged period can be a good guideline; however, it is not a confirmed metric. Therefore, hiring a professional PPC account manager is a way to obtain individual help.

  14. How to remove an ad extension?

    To delete an ad extension, log into your Google Ads account, select the campaign and head to the Extensions section. On the top-right corner of the table, turn on the “Extensions view”. Now you can select the extension you wish to remove and click “remove”.

  15. Can you use special characters in Google ads?

    Google Ads do not allow the use of special characters in the ad’s headline; however, they can be used in description lines. To learn more about Google Ads policies regarding editorial, click here.

  16. How to see what browser users used to click your ad on Google?

    The browser used when opening your ad can be seen on Google Analytics.

  17. How to switch between Google Ads Express and Google Ads Expert mode?

    Log into your Google Ads account with the login details you use for your Express account. Click on ‘Tools’ on the top right and then select ‘Expert Mode’. Once the Expert Mode is switched on, you will have more power to customise your campaigns.

  18. Is Google Ads an SEM?

    SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the process of using paid ads to drive traffic to your site and increase sales or leads. Google Ads is one PPC advertising platform that allows for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to be carried out.

  19. Is Google ads and pay per click the same?

    No. Google Ads is not Pay Per Click. Google Ads is one of many advertising platforms that use the Pay Per Click model of advertising. Pay Per Click is a type of digital marketing or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) where the advertiser pays only when their advert is clicked.

  20. Is Google Ads Free?

    It’s free to open a Google Ads account and to create a campaign. However, it does cost to advertise on Google Ads. Google Ads fees work off a pay per click basis. This means you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad.

  21. Is Google PPC worth it?

    Google PPC is only worth it if you do your keyword research and choose keywords that are going to bring a positive return. You also need to make sure that you set the right bids and have a conversion-focused landing page. Google makes creating a PPC account and running a PPC campaign easy but running a successful PPC campaign that is worth your advertising budget requires a PPC expert.

  22. Is it possible to record verified calls?

    You can record calls by using third-party tools; however, Google does not have an integrated call-recording option. When a user dials the advertiser from a call extension or through a call-only ad, Google might record the call for quality assurance reasons to verify if the advertiser is complying with the T&C. The caller will be notified of the recording of the call at the start of it, however, Google won’t share the recording with the advertiser.

  23. What Google Ads Certifications can I get?

    There are several Google Ads certifications available:

    - Google Ads Search Certification

    - Google Ads Display Certification

    - Google Ads Video Certification

    - Shopping Ads Certification

    - Google Ads Measurement Certification

    - Google Ads Fundamentals Certification

  24. What is the difference between the final URL and Path1 and Path 2 text?

    The Path 1 and Path 2 text can be selected by the advertiser to improve Click-Through-Rate by inserting relevant keywords. Final URL is the landing page URL the visitor sees when they click your ad and are taken to the landing page.

  25. What languages does Google Ads support?

    Google Ads supports the following languages:

    Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu and Vietnamese.

  26. Why are my ad extensions not showing up?

    There is no guarantee that an ad extension will show up in search as Google decides this. What impacts if the ad extension is displayed or not, is your Ad Rank, which can be increased by improving your core quality metrics.

  27. What proxy does Google Ads Editor support?

    Google Ads Editor supports regular HTTP proxy.

  28. Is it possible to verify a Google Ads certification?

    Currently, it is not possible to view or verify completed certifications for Google Ads accounts that are not yours.

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