A Yorkshire-based supplier of meat to some of the UK's leading chefs, restaurants, and gastropubs approached Pepper PPC Agency for help to launch their online website and to secure traffic that yields a profitable return. The client sells premium, restaurant-quality meat to businesses and wanted to move into the B2C market by setting up an online butcher website.

This was more than a PPC project for Pepper, as the website needed to be in a good place before the PPC campaign could be profitable. To make this project a success, we needed to create a PPC strategy and account structure that was best suited to bringing in profitable returns. We also needed to advise on the website content and design to ensure it was conversion-focused and best set up to successfully convert traffic into sales.

Only big things to say about Pepper PPC Agency, clearly experts in their field, and in particular my direct contact Rashed Khan. The relationship between client and agency has to be seen as collaborative and I value the symbiotic nature of the process. Regular reporting, calls, quick response on email/txt/WhatsApp as campaigns are tweaked or built on the fly, etc. I'm always looking to increase ROAS through optimisation and giving Rashed all the info. I matter how insignificant it might seem.

– Mark Sharwood-Walker - Ecommerce project manager


  • Keyword research
  • Search, Shopping and Display campaign setup
  • Website conversion rate optimisation recommendations
  • Product focus recommendations


  • £21,193 revenue in month7
  • 62% increase in conversion rate from month one to month seven
  • 48% increase in Return on ad spend from month one to month seven
  • 15% increase in clickthrough rate


We started by running small paid Search and Shopping campaigns, targeting areas that would perform best as identified by our research. In month one of running the PPC advertising campaign, the client obtained £11,418 in revenue at a return on ad spend of £4.07 for every £1 invested into PPC advertising.

This exceeded the client's expectations so much that they had to pause PPC advertising for a few days as they couldn't fulfil the orders fast enough.

We continued to optimise the PPC account and make further recommendations to improve the brand’s image and conversion rates on the website. Over the next few months, we expanded the targeting of the search and shopping campaigns, implemented remarketing and display advertising, switched to a CSS feed, and moved to advertise on the Microsoft Advertising platform (Bing).

By month seven, the client's revenue increased to £21,193 (an 85% increase compared to month one). The conversion rate increased by 62% compared to month one, and the clickthrough rate increased by 15%.

Expertise and implementations

The first step was to have a meeting with the client to identify their requirements, learn more about their business and USPs, and identify where they’re at in their eCommerce journey.

Armed with an understanding of the client’s business and the cuts of meat they felt would perform the best, we carried out keyword research to identify search trends and the kinds of themes their customers would be searching for.

Using our competitor research tools, we were able to identify the keyword themes that the client’s main online competitors were using. We also get a feel for the tactics being used on their website to encourage a customer to purchase from them.

This allowed us to craft a PPC strategy and create a PPC account that was right for the client. It also put us in a good position to advise the client on some of the key aspects that should be included on their website to help it to secure sales.

Using our own keyword research and the client’s knowledge of the best performing cuts of meat, we set up a search campaign keywords that we would targeted in month one by undergoing detailed keyword research. We also used the client’s product knowledge on the cuts of meat that generally tend to sell the best.

Knowing that reviews are important in this niche, one of the website recommendations we made was to implement customer reviews on the site and showcase testimonials. We advised the client to use to do this. We also advised on the CMS to use and general website messaging.

We’re now looking at growth opportunities by implementing paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

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