Speech Buddies is an online platform that connects the families of children with speech and language challenges with knowledgeable and experienced speech therapy professionals. In addition to speech therapy, Speech Buddies offer tools, books, and games to help children achieve their full speech potential.

The company was obtaining sales via Google Ads but the advertising spend was eating into profits to the point where PPC wasn’t profitable for them. Pepper delivered outstanding results. After auditing the account and implementing basic account improvements, the website saw a 360% increase in conversion rate with a big reduction in cost.

Pepper Agency was wonderful to work with from beginning to end. As a small company, every dollar is important to us. Pepper helped us decrease our ad spend while increasing our sales. They identified how to improve the effectiveness of our campaigns and also helped us set up better tracking tools. Communications with Rashed were wonderful and deliverables were clear, concise, and timely. We would absolutely recommend Pepper Agency to others.'

– Kimberly McCollister, Speech Buddies CEO


  • Account audit
  • Bid review
  • Bidding strategy development
  • Negative keyword mining
  • Product segmenting
  • Demographic targeting


  • 44% reduction in cost
  • 55% increase in conversions
  • 71% better cost per conversion


In a matter of a month, our Speech Buddies’ pay-per-click campaign optimisation resulted in a 44% cost reduction, a 71% cost-per-conversion reduction, a 93% increase in conversions, and a 360% increase in conversion rate.

Expertise and implementations

Speech Buddies’ PPC campaigns needed reviewing and optimising, so Pepper was brought in to complete an account audit. After reviewing current search and shopping campaign performance, our team identified points of improvement and implemented the required changes.

Demographic targeting was introduced and bid reductions were applied after we identified that certain age and gender groups are less responsive to ads. Bid reductions were also applied to days with a lower conversion rate.

To avoid ads being triggered for certain non-relevant keywords, negative keyword mining was used.

Due to poor performance, Display Select was switched off and more focus was given to shopping ads whereby we further segmented out shopping products.

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