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At Pepper PPC Agency, we know that paid social such as Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising is an integral part of any marketing strategy; whether you’re a local business, a start-up, or one of the largest companies in the world.

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Paid social advertising involves using either a Pay Per Click model or something similar to a pay for impressions model to show adverts on a social media platform. There are a number of paid social advertising platforms that businesses can choose from. A good paid social agency will be able to recommend the right one for your business.

Instagram & Facebook PPC agency

While there are many paid social PPC advertising platforms, the vast amount of advertisers start off with Facebook PPC and Instagram PPC. Facebook's large amount of volume, intelligent targeting criteria and a wide range of ad copy formats make it an excellent option for wanting to move into paid social advertising. Pepper is a Facebook PPC agency that offers a profit over traffic approach to both Facebook PPC and Instagram PPC advertising.

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A profit over traffic approach to paid social advertising

With a paid social campaign, you're advertising to people while they're enjoying their favourite social media platform. This is very different to PPC advertising where you're putting your ad listing in front of people who are potentially looking for your business. While running a successful paid social campaign is different to running a successful PPC campaign, our profit over traffic mindset helps us to create strategies that will help you to get the most returns for your paid social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

How Pepper can help with your paid social advertising

Pepper PPC Agency has a wealth of experience with paid social advertising and PPC in general. We're adaptable and willing to help you to get set up with your paid social campaigns on several social media platforms. Whether you're a new business looking to get set up or a large business wanting to further grow your paid social campaign revenue, we can help.

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Our approach to Paid Social advertising

Many PPC agencies make the mistake of treating PPC advertising the same as paid social advertising. Our approach to paid social advertising is to create a funnel where potential customers are nurtured and advertised to differently depending on where they are within their purchase journey. We use a four-stage funnel to ensure that our paid social campaigns are profitable.


In the awareness stage, we cast a wide net with a goal of identifying people who may be interested in your business. Aside from having the benefit of increasing your brand awareness, this stage will separate the people who may be interested in your business from those who aren't. Anybody who interacts with your ad will be put into the next stage of the advertising funnel.


People in the consideration stage of the funnel are already aware of your business but may need more convincing on why they should do business with you. The conservation phase focuses on educating your customer on the benefits of doing business with you. It also puts relevant products and services that you offer in front of your customers.


People in the purchase stage of the sales funnel have shown a strong indication to do business with you. With these users, we're more sales-focused with our messaging.


If you're stopping after the purchase stage then you're probably not making the best use of your sales paid social sales funnel. Even after you've obtained a sale, there may be cross-selling or up-selling opportunities to make use of. Our team of Paid social specialists will work with you identify if there any opportunities to maximise revenue from your existing customers.

Case Studies

  • Double The Sales For Half The Cost For Speech Therapy Business

    Speech Buddies is an online platform that connects the families of children with speech and language challenges with knowledgeable and experienced speech therapy professionals. In addition to speech therapy, Speech Buddies offer tools, books, and games to help children achieve their full speech potential.

    The company was obtaining sales via Google Ads but the advertising spend was eating into profits to the point where PPC wasn’t profitable for them. Pepper delivered outstanding results. After auditing the account and implementing basic account improvements, the website saw a 360% increase in conversion rate with a big reduction in cost.

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  • 357% Increase In Average Monthly ROI In Two Months

    Pepper PPC Agency was approached by a UK fashion brand. The firm had been using another PPC agency, investing thousands of pounds into unsuccessful search advertising campaigns, which lead to them putting search ads on pause and only running shopping ads.

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Common Paid Social FAQs

  1. Where can you advertise with PPC?

    With Pay Per Click, you can advertise on major search engines such as Google, Quora, YouTube, and Bing, as well as on social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Additionally, you can advertise on search partner networks, meaning that your ads will be shown on websites such as Amazon. The paid advertisements appear in search engines and on social media platforms similarly to organic results, however, the appearance in search results is paid for rather than earned organically.

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