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  • What to do with low impression share keywords

    After making PPC advertising profitable, the next challenge PPC marketers often get tasked with is to find growth opportunities to further increase PPC conversions. There are many ways to grow a PPC account to get more conversions. You could add more relevant keywords into the account or you could look at improving the conversion rate […]

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  • What to do after the IOS 14.5 update

    If you frequent yourself in the digital marketing space, you will have likely heard of the recent IOS 14.5 privacy update announced in April 2021. This update is Apple’s way of taking huge steps to champion privacy by giving users the ability to choose whether they want to be tracked or not. With 96% of […]

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  • 18 tips on optimising your product feed

    E-commerce businesses running PPC advertising often find that a Shopping campaign is the best performing campaign type within their Google Ads account. This is not surprising as a Shopping campaign ad shows the customer more information about the specific product you’re selling than a Search campaign. It includes a picture of the product, the price, […]

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  • What does a PPC specialist do?

    With so many businesses going online now, digital advertising can produce great results for your business. One form of digital advertising is Pay Per Click (or PPC) advertising. PPC advertising isn’t simple. There are many moving parts to think about when it comes to creating a successful PPC advertising campaign. With a little thought in […]

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  • Free Advertising Opportunities For Small Businesses During Covid-19

    In March, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet and Google’s parent company announced that the corporation has set up a fund to support small businesses, governments, and health organisations during the challenging times of a global pandemic. Google has pledged more than $800 million towards small and medium businesses in need as well as healthcare industry […]

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  • Covid-19 – What PPC Advertisers Should Expect

    As Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is increasingly spreading more rapidly in the UK, the uncertainty has caused a lot of hysteria and general panic in the last few days. While the government decides on the best way forward for the country, many businesses are having to consider what their strategy should be amidst the hysteria. Searches in […]

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  • PPC Giveaway Winner Announcement

    Edit (10/12/2019) – Due to unforeseen circumstances a new winner has been chosen. We would like to congratulate b:Friend charity as the new competition winner receiving six months of free PPC services. b:Friend charity helps connect elderly people with volunteers in their neighbourhoods to battle loneliness. Throughout the month of November, Pepper PPC hosted a competition, where Yorkshire-based charities and […]

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  • New Lead Form Extensions Released For Google Ads

    Recently, Google released a beta version of a new ad extension entitled “lead form extension” to be used on their PPC advertising platform. It enables advertisers to capture new leads quicker. With the new extension, users simply enter their name and contact details without navigating their way through the website. What advertisers can use lead form extensions? […]

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  • Pepper PPC Is Giving Away Free PPC Services To A Yorkshire Charity

    We are delighted to announce that we are giving away six months of free PPC account management to a local charity through a giveaway. Google Ad Grants is an advertising solution, which grants $10,000 Google Ads monthly advertising budget to non-profit organisations. The grant enables charities to reach a bigger audience, spread the word on their activities, […]

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