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We have tried and tested approaches to Shopping campaign management using smart, granular structures to funnel the right traffic to the right products. Our PPC specialists optimise your product feed to ensure your ads get the highest visibility against the most relevant searches.

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Specialist Google Shopping agency

✔Google Shopping setup

✔Microsoft Shopping setup

✔Google Shopping campaign management

✔Microsoft Shopping campaign management

✔Google Merchant Centre feed optimisation

✔Google Shopping organic (free listings) setup

Advanced Google Shopping campaign build-outs

Before running any Google Shopping management campaign, we ask the right questions and take the time to understand your business so that we can group products in the right way. Our Google Shopping UK and Google Shopping US campaigns have yielded great results for the businesses that we’ve worked with. Our Google Shopping (formerly PLA) campaign structures can segment by brand name, product type, type of search term and best to worst sellers. We have vast amounts of experience working on both Google Shopping campaigns and Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) Shopping campaigns. Whether you're looking for Google Shopping set up, a Google Shopping feed agency, or google shopping organic setup, we can help!

  • Standard Shopping
  • Smart Shopping
  • Feed optimisation
  • Google Shopping organic (free listings)

A profit over traffic approach to Shopping campaigns

As an expert Google Shopping agency, we’ve had great results with Google Shopping campaign management. Whether it be with Shopify, Woocommerce, or other eCommerce platforms, we can get your Google Shopping feed setup and run a profitable Google Shopping campaign for your business. Our profit over traffic approach to Google Shopping PPC advertising allowed one client to achieve a 315% increase in revenue in just 5 months using mainly Google Shopping. Get in touch to learn more.

Our approach to Shopping campaigns

We often find that Google Shopping is the most profitable PPC campaign type for eCommerce businesses. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or an established brand, Shopping campaigns are a great way to maximise product visibility and generate profitable sales.


Our PPC specialists know what drives performance. This means we can successfully set up and manage profitable Shopping campaigns. More than this, we can help you to get the most out of your Google Shopping ads by implementing Shopping campaigns on Bing, getting free organic Shopping traffic on Google and also optimising your product feed to increase visibility.

  • Google Ads Shopping Campaigns

    Google Ads Shopping Campaigns

  • Microsoft Advertising Shopping Campaigns

    Microsoft Advertising Shopping Campaigns

  • Feed Optimisation

    Feed Optimisation

  • International Shopping Campaigns

    International Shopping Campaigns

  • CSS Feed Setup

    CSS Feed Setup

  • Shopping Campaign Optimsiation

    Shopping Campaign Optimsiation

  • Organic (Free) Shopping traffic setup

    Organic (Free) Shopping traffic setup

  • Product Feed Setup

    Product Feed Setup

Why use Pepper PPC agency for Your Shopping campaigns

We pride ourselves on our rigorous approach to managing PPC and Google shopping campaigns. In addition to our unique profit over traffic approach to Shopping campaign management, here are four ways that we use to maximise the returns on your Shopping campaigns:

Data driven attribution and machine learning

We use the power of data and machine learning to further optimise your Shopping campaigns increasing revenue and improving your return on ad spend.

CSS feed

We can implement a CSS feed that allows eCommerece businesses to benefit from 20% cheaper click prices. We'll take all the hassle out of getting set up and also report on how much you're benefiting from your new CSS feed.

Product feed optimisation

Running a successful Shopping campaign is more than optimising what you see within Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising. It is also vital to have a product feed that is setup to be able to showcase your products in the best way. Our PPC consultants can help to advise you on how you can improve your product feed to increase your traffic, clickthrough rate and your conversion rate.

PPC Shopping reporting

We believe that being transparent and reporting back to you is vital. A good PPC report will show you how your campaigns are performing, We have our own in-house buitl reports specifically designed to report on the performance of your Shopping campaigns.

Case Studies

  • 307% lead growth at a similar cost per lead

    A cosmetic surgery business with clinics in Manchester and Liverpool were disappointed with the lead numbers that their existing PPC agency were getting. They felt like they should be able to get more leads from their Google Ads PPC account and approached Pepper PPC Agency to see if we could help.

    The client offers various forms of cosmetic surgery including breast enlargement, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and otoplasty to name a few.

    View full case study
  • From £0 to £21k a month in 7 months for an online butcher

    A Yorkshire-based supplier of meat to some of the UK's leading chefs, restaurants, and gastropubs approached Pepper PPC Agency for help to launch their online website and to secure traffic that yields a profitable return. The client sells premium, restaurant-quality meat to businesses and wanted to move into the B2C market by setting up an online butcher website.

    This was more than a PPC project for Pepper, as the website needed to be in a good place before the PPC campaign could be profitable. To make this project a success, we needed to create a PPC strategy and account structure that was best suited to bringing in profitable returns. We also needed to advise on the website content and design to ensure it was conversion-focused and best set up to successfully convert traffic into sales.

    View full case study
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Common Shopping Advertisement Management FAQs

  1. Can you reactivate a removed campaign?

    If a campaign has expired, locate the specific campaign in your Google Ads account and on the left menu, click on settings. Open the “Start and end dates” section, expand “End date” drop-down to select a new date and save the new settings.

  2. Does PPC help organic rankings?

    PPC does not influence organic rankings. However, PPC may indirectly increase organic traffic. This is because if a user finds your business using a PPC ad, then they may be more willing to click if they are searching again and see your brand name appear in an organic ad. Similarly, SEO may indirectly increase PPC traffic in the same way.

  3. How do I find a good PPC agency in Leeds?

    There are several ways to find a good PPC agency in Leeds. Here are our top four suggestions. For more information, read our blog on how to find a PPC agency.

    1.Search on Google– search for local PPC agencies on a search engine like Google. Some things that you could search for are PPC agency Leeds, Local PPC agency, PPC company Leeds, PPC management Leeds, Google Ads agency Leeds, Local Google Ads agency, Google Ads company Leeds and Google Ads management Leeds

    2.Attend digital marketing events – often PPC agencies will attend and do talks on digital marketing events. If you attend these events, not only will you learn more about PPC marketing, but you will also be able to get a feel of the staff at some of the PPC agencies and also get an idea on their level of expertise

    3.Podcasts - PPC agencies will often try to promote themselves by speaking at podcasts. Listen to podcasts to get an idea on the level of expertise of a local PPC agency

    4.Word of mouth – If you’re looking for a local PPC agency in Leeds, then word of mouth referrals is still a very powerful means of finding a PPC agency. PPC agencies that produce excellent results get talked about and eventually, people start becoming a lot more aware of them.

  4. What are the benefits of PPC?

    There are several benefits to PPC. Here are ten from the many benefits:

    1.PPC Increases traffic to your site

    2.PPC can increase your sales or leads if done properly

    3.Start showing ads immediately, as opposed to SEO where it could take months to start getting traffic

    4.You have so much power to choose who sees your ad by targeting keywords, age groups, gender and location to name a few

    5.You only pay when your ad is getting a click

    6.PPC allows you to optimise your PPC campaigns to increase profits by tweaking your campaigns

    7.There are numerous PPC agencies out there that can help to improve your profits

    8.A basic PPC campaign is quick and easy to set up

    9.A PPC Remarketing campaign can improve brand awareness

    10.You can use PPC data to improve your website and business offering

  5. What does PPC mean?

    Pay Per Click or PPC is a type of search engine and social media platform advertising, in which advertisers pay a set amount for every click a user makes on the ad. PPC can serve to increase brand awareness, traffic to the website, as well as conversions and bring a return on the investment.

  6. What success metrics/goals can you have in PPC?

    The key performance indicators in PPC are primarily, click-through rate and conversion rate. Additionally, you can measure the success of your PPC campaigns and advertisements by measuring the quality score, cost per click, cost per conversion, and the return on ad spend.

  7. Where do PPC ads appear on Google? Why are my ads not at the top of the search result page?

    PPC advertisements appear either above all organic search results or below them. Google’s algorithm can display anywhere from zero to four paid search advertisements above the organic listings. It can also choose to show shopping ads in the form of an image carousel.

  8. Which is better PPC or SEO?

    The objective of both PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is to increase traffic, mainly using Google’s search engine with the end goal of increasing sales. However, they both have some benefits over the other. Ideally, it is recommended that businesses utilise both SEO and PPC marketing. However, if you don’t have the budget for this, then here are eight things to consider when deciding on whether to use SEO or PPC marketing:

    1.Optimisation time – PPC can start giving you traffic immediately whereas SEO could take months of optimisation work before you start getting traffic

    2.Organic listings are trusted more – Often people ignore PPC listings and scroll down till they see organic listings

    3.Only PPC can truly get you on position one – Up to four PPC listings can appear above SEO listings. If appearing on the absolute top of the page on Google is important to you, then you can only get this with PPC advertising.

    4.PPC listings will stop as soon as you stop investing in them – PPC listings stop as soon as you stop putting money into Google Ads and all of the hard work that you have done optimising your campaigns will stop benefiting you. With SEO however, if you stop investing in SEO, all the hard work that you have done optimising your SEO will remain, and you should continue to get traffic.

    5.You have more power to choose your traffic with PPC – With SEO, you can try to influence Google to rank your website for searches that you want to target. However, with PPC, you can choose the exact keywords that you want to rank for. You can also further tailor the traffic that you target by selecting the age group, gender, location and device, to name a few things.

    6.Organic listings can help more with branding and upper-funnel – It may not be financially viable to use PPC to bid on very upper funnel or research-based keywords. However, you can do this with SEO. You can do this with SEO. You can write blog posts and informational pages to educate users when they are very early on in the sales funnel. This improves our brand’s image for when the customer is lower down the sales funnel and more ready to make a purchase.

    7.PPC has better A/B testing capabilities – PPC allows for split tests to be created testing ad copy messaging and landing pages. You can use this data to learn what resonates well with your target market and improve your website.

    8.Local businesses can benefit from Google’s map pack – Local businesses can use SEO to allow their business’s name, address, phone number and other details to appear on relevant local searches.

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