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Around 90% of users check Amazon after finding a product on a retailer’s site — make sure they see your product with Amazon advertising.

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Make your advertising spend work harder on Amazon

With expertise in all three Amazon advertising campaign types, we’re able to build the right Amazon advertising campaigns for your business to ensure that your advertising budget gets allocated to the most profitable areas. We are an Amazon Ads agency that can provide a profit over traffic approach to Amazon Ads management.

Paid Amazon Advertising campaigns that maximise returns

There are three basic campaign types that advertisers can choose from when it comes to paid Amazon advertising. A Sponsored Products campaign is where ads are triggered by keywords and appear in-line and next to search results. Sponsored Brands campaigns appear at the top of organic search results. They contain your brand logo, headline and up to three products. The third campaign type is Product Display Ads. This campaign type has similarities to a Google Shopping campaign. The ad is Shown on product details, customer reviews, and search results pages. It should not be confused with recommended products

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Product Display Ads
  • Product Description optimisation

A profit over traffic approach to Amazon Advertising

As an expert Amazon advertising Agency in UK, we build granular, tailored campaigns putting your best products in front of the right keywords. Our approach is measurable, which means you get valuable insights on your best sellers and where the demand is for your products, increasing both revenue and ROI. Find out more about how Amazon Advertising is becoming an important advertising platform for businesses to consider here.

What Pepper PPC agency offers

Presenting your products to the right people at the right time with Amazon advertising can be a powerful way to increase your revenue.

  • Account creation

    Account creation

  • Campaign creation

    Campaign creation

  • Bid management

    Bid management

  • Keyword generation

    Keyword generation

  • Pixel setup

    Pixel setup

  • Profit growth recommendations

    Profit growth recommendations

  • ACOS optimisation

    ACOS optimisation

  • Performance reporting

    Performance reporting

Our approach to Amazon Advertising

When you get in touch with us regarding your Amazon advertising, we will carry out the below four steps. These ensure that we fully understand your business and are able to create Amazon advertising campaigns that will grow your business and profits.

Amazon account audit

The first step is to carry out a full Amazon Advertising account audit. This will help us to understand what you have tried and how your campaigns are performing.  It gives an idea on what you’re doing right and quickly identifies opportunities for growth.

Research & Strategy

After carrying an audit, we identify your main competitors on Amazon and get an idea of what they're doing. To be able to outcompete the competition, you first need to know what tactics your competition are using. This information along with the learning from the Amazon Advertising PPC audit is fed into our PPC strategy. The PPC strategy includes the structure of the Amazon Advertising campaigns as well as the goals and KPIs that should be included in the PPC performance report that we give to you on a weekly basis.

Amazon Advertising campaign creation

Armed with an Amazon Advertising PPC strategy, the third step is to create your Amazon Advertising campaigns. This includes creating a bespoke report that will help you understand how your PPC campaigns are performing and how to improve them.

Optimisation and scalling

As more performance data comes in, we continually optimise your Amazon Advertising campaigns and increasing your traffic and revenue.

Case Studies

  • 307% lead growth at a similar cost per lead

    A cosmetic surgery business with clinics in Manchester and Liverpool were disappointed with the lead numbers that their existing PPC agency were getting. They felt like they should be able to get more leads from their Google Ads PPC account and approached Pepper PPC Agency to see if we could help.

    The client offers various forms of cosmetic surgery including breast enlargement, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and otoplasty to name a few.

    View full case study
  • From £0 to £21k a month in 7 months for an online butcher

    A Yorkshire-based supplier of meat to some of the UK's leading chefs, restaurants, and gastropubs approached Pepper PPC Agency for help to launch their online website and to secure traffic that yields a profitable return. The client sells premium, restaurant-quality meat to businesses and wanted to move into the B2C market by setting up an online butcher website.

    This was more than a PPC project for Pepper, as the website needed to be in a good place before the PPC campaign could be profitable. To make this project a success, we needed to create a PPC strategy and account structure that was best suited to bringing in profitable returns. We also needed to advise on the website content and design to ensure it was conversion-focused and best set up to successfully convert traffic into sales.

    View full case study
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Common Amazon Advertising FAQs

  1. How does PPC work on Amazon?

    Known as Amazon Advertising, doing PPC on Amazon is increasingly becoming more popular. PPC works on Amazon by choosing you targeting criteria, a bid, a maximum budget and finally choosing the ads copy or product that you want to show when Amazon matches a user to your targeting criteria. Products that sell more often get preferential treatment from Amazon and enjoy lower click prices. Like other PPC advertising platforms, you only pay when an advertiser clicks on your ad.

  2. How long does it take for Amazon PPC to work?

    Just like with other PPC advertising, Amazon Advertising may require time to optimise and improve the campaigns as performance data starts to come in. How long this process takes depends on your business and how well you’re optimising your Amazon PPC campaigns. A good PPC agency will be able to optimise your Amazon PPC campaigns a lot faster. This process can take anywhere from one week to 1 month.

  3. How much does Amazon pay per click cost?

    Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising click costs can vary greatly depending on the niche that you’re in and the competitiveness of the keywords that you choose to bid on. To calculate how much to bid on Amazon Advertising, start with a 10% conversion rate and look at your average order value for each product type and the Return on Ad Spend that you require. So, if your Average Order Value for your jeans is £50, and you need a Return on Ad Spend of 6, then you can bid no more than £0.83 – (£50 * 10%) / 6 = £0.83.

  4. What is Amazon PPC ACOS?

    ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale) is one of the metrics used to calculate how profitable your Amazon Advertising campaigns are. It is the ratio of advertising cost versus the revenue generated and is calculated by doing cost/revenue. So, for example, if you spend £20 and generate £100 in revenue, then your ACOS would be 0.2 (£20 / £100).

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