Pepper PPC Agency was approached by a UK fashion brand. The firm had been using another PPC agency, investing thousands of pounds into unsuccessful search advertising campaigns, which lead to them putting search ads on pause and only running shopping ads.


After carrying out thorough audits and research, using our wealth of in-house tools, Pepper put in place a restructured campaign strategy. In a matter of weeks, the clothing business saw a significant change in its conversion rates (CVR) and its return on investment (ROI). Pepper’s search campaigns generated a 357% increase in average monthly ROI in just two months.


  • In-house auditing tools
  • PPC consultation and recommendations
  • Data-led campaign restructuring
  • Market research
  • Ad copy production and ad extension implementation
  • Negative keyword implementation
  • Strategy development
  • Demographic targeting


  • 35% increase in ROI from previous PPC agency’s best result
  • 357% increase in average monthly ROI in two months
  • 48% increase in total revenue in two months

Expertise and implementations used

The Pepper team tackled the project by first evaluating previous advertising practices. An audit revealed several issues that were disenabling the client’s ads from reaching target customers. After building a new PPC strategy, we restructured the ad campaigns, grouped products in ad groups based on the product category, and created new high-quality ad copy, with incorporated ad extensions for maximum ad performance.

Previous unsatisfactory campaigns did not contain enough negative keywords; thus, we created a list of keywords we did not want the client’s ads to show up for —therefore making the ads appear on searches that are as targeted and relevant as possible.

The preceding PPC strategy did not consider audience lists either — the users’ age group and gender, the device that is used, or the timing of the ad.

Pepper grouped keywords by product group and looked at performance within each product group by a number of dimensions. This allowed Pepper to determine which dimensions to target and which ones not to target for each product group. Pepper also created relevant audience lists for each product group and implemented bid adjustments using a formulaic approach once enough data has been obtained.

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