Wheelie Bin Solutions is a UK based bin manufacturer. The company approached Pepper as they had failed to resultative invest in Pay-Per-Click online advertising, and completely abandoned their attempts at PPC advertising for their eCommerce website products.

Concentrating solely on Search ads, they had neglected Shopping ad opportunities and unsuccessfully bid on seemingly relevant, but very broad and untargeted keywords. These practices resulted in zero revenue made on their more than £2.5K investment.

I was impressed with the way Pepper were able to grow the revenue on my PPC account in such a short space of time. I’ve recently given the go-ahead to increase the monthly budget and am excited to be exploring growth opportunities with Pepper to take my business to the next level.

– Mark Green, Wheelie Bin Solutions Director


  • Competitor research
  • PPC strategy development
  • Targeted keyword bidding
  • Negative keyword implementation
  • Targeted Shopping campaign implementation


  • 315% revenue increase
  • 87% ROI increase
  • 55% CTR increase


Over just a five-month period, Pepper has managed to increase the paid advertising revenue by 315%, and increased the return on ad spend by 87%. What’s more, we increased the Clickthrough Rate (CTR) by 55% and achieved a consistent growth rate throughout.

Expertise and implementations

Previously, the company’s keyword bidding strategy was bidding on broad keywords, such as Bins, Dustbins, and Wheelie Bins. At the first glance, these keywords seem relevant, but they are very difficult to make profitable. Although the strategy generated a high number of impressions, it did not result in any revenue.

Pepper approached the project with a targeted strategy. After undertaking a holistic customer behaviour and tendency analysis, we identified that a significant segment of users is using bin sizes as a part of their search queries when looking for wheelie bins. Our specialists started on a safe budget and gradually increased it over time after seeing the positive outcome.

The team used the insights to begin aggressively targeting keywords that include the size, such as 1100 litre wheelie bin. In addition to putting attention and budget on long-tail keywords, our PPC team put together a list of keywords that we did not want to target for Wheelie Bin Solutions products, such as council bin and wheelie bin cleaning.

In addition to size, Pepper started targeting specific material keywords such as metal and ran a Shopping campaign. As visible in the above graph, this strategy proved itself very fruitful.

Currently, Pepper is further growing Wheelie Bin Solutions revenue by moving into Bing Ads and increasing aggression on the strongest performing areas on Shopping and Search.

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