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315% increase in revenue in just five months


UK based wheelie bin manufacturer approached Pepper PPC Agency as they had failed to resultatively invest in Pay-Per-Click online advertising, and completely abandoned their attempts at PPC advertising for their ecommerce website products. Concentrating solely on Search ads, they had neglected Shopping ad opportunities and unsuccessfully bid on seemingly relevant, but very broad keywords. These practices resulted in zero revenue made on their more than £2.5K advertising investment. The client was able to to drive a substantial amount of traffic to their website with relatively low click prices but were not able to drive any sales.



Previously, the company was targeting broad keywords, such as 'bins', 'dustbins', and 'wheelie bins'. At first glace these keywords seem relevant, but they are very difficult to make profitable due to how general they are. For example, somebody searching for 'bins' could be looking for wheelie bins, but they may also be searching in-door bins, or a bin that the client does not stock. Although the strategy generated a high number of impressions, it did not result in any revenue. Here are some of the key features that Pepper implemented:

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Over just a five month period, pepper has managed to increase the paid advertising revenue by 315%, and increased the return on ad spend by 87%. What’s more, we increased the Clickthrough Rate (CTR) by 55% and achieved a consistent growth rate throughout.


I was impressed with the way Pepper were able to grow the revenue on my PPC account in such a short space of time. I’ve recently given the go ahead to increase the monthly budget and am excited to be exploring growth opportunities with Pepper to take my business to the next level.

– Mark Green, Company Director


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