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Paid social

At Pepper, we know that paid social is an integral part of any marketing strategy; whether you’re a local business, a start-up, or one of the largest companies in the world.


We understand that paid social can be a powerful way to increase brand awareness, but we also understand that businesses need to see a return on their advertising spend. This is why we combine our multi-channel attribution capabilities with a three stage funnel in our campaigns. We advertise differently to your customers depending on where they are in their sales journey. This ensures that we can build awareness and see it through to a successful sale.

Service detail

Multi-platform integration

Pepper specialises in a range of social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora and Linkedin. Utilising the latest and most effective tools in the industry, Pepper covers the following areas:

Ad creation

Auto bid optimisation

Conversion tracking

Customised reporting

Multivariate testing

Target segmentation

Precise targeting

With trackable and measurable results, we offer unrivalled customer targeting with cross-device targeting, vastly increasing brand visibility and engagement.

Whether you want to target teenage steam engine fanatics in Shoreditch, or elderly Fortnite fans in the heart of the Cotswolds, we have the ability to test, record, and optimise different kinds of approaches to people across the world.