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Programmatic advertising

Pepper uses a range of tools to efficiently target users with relevant display ads based on a range of factors including, interests, browsing history, and demographics.

How it works

We’re proud of our display campaigns, and go the extra length to repeatedly test, optimise, and scrutinise the success of our display ads.

Whether you’re targeting people in the smallest village in England (Fordwich), or the largest city in the US (NYC), we use a blend of our own in-house tools, leading software, and third-party data to target the right people for your adverts.

Using a range of bid management tools chosen specifically to benefit the dynamics of a real-time campaign, we actively monitor and test a range of scenarios until we get the best possible results.

Why go programmatic with Pepper?

Programmatic advertising allows you to connect with your customers at the start of the food chain. In fact, programmatic adverts can reach up to 98% of the internet.

Over the past few years programmatic advertising has exploded, and pepper can ensure that your brand is at the forefront of your sector.

Building awareness, reach and engagement for B2B, B2C, or hybrid brands, we can drive performance, increase conversions, and engage with entirely new audiences.


Our reporting methods offer honest, transparent, and easy to understand information that can be presented in a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis so that you understand the full inner workings of your campaigns.


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