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Up to 20% cheaper clicks on Google Shopping

At Pepper, we strive to offer the most cost-efficient services to our customers. Working alongside a Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) partner we can offer accounts using Google Shopping up to 20% cheaper click prices.

How does it work?

This transition changes nothing in terms of how the advertiser manages Google Ads and Google Merchant Centre. All we require from the advertiser’s side is an email giving Pepper permission to start using our CSS partner on their feed and we manage the rest. The cheaper click prices get applied automatically, and other than sending out one email, there is nothing that needs to be done on the advertiser’s side.

Comparison Shopping Services

Smooth migration

Switching to a CSS partner is easy. We manage the whole process, and it only takes a few days to complete. Once transitioned, the advertiser will see no differences in how they manage their account but should see around 20% cheaper click prices. Use this incentive to your advantage and pay less for clicks. Get in touch to learn more!


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