Strategic Facebook ad placement and Instagram PPC ad placement will enable you to achieve optimal results to benefit your business. Facebook ads are a great way to increase your brand awareness, conversions, and engagement. The platform supports video, photo, carousel, slideshow, story, and canvas (for mobile) ad formats. Moreover, it is used by a vast audience, and more than 2.45 billion active monthly users, making it the largest social media network in the world.

Facebook PPC has a wide variety of advertisement placement options. When setting up a Facebook PPC ads or an Instagram PPC ad, advertisers are asked to choose between automatic placements and edit placements, the manually selected ad placements. This blog post presents the advertising placement options available to you on Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

1. Feeds

Ads in the newsfeed, in Facebook Marketplace, or Facebook Video feed. In the Video feed ads will appear before, during, or after the video content.

2. Instant Articles

Instant articles are a tool for content distribution on the Facebook mobile app. The tool enables publishers to distribute articles at a speed that is up to ten times faster than of standard mobile articles. Instant articles are compatible with carousel and video ads, mobile app install ads, and link page posts.

Instant Articles are useful if your advertising campaign goal is to increase video views and traffic.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is designed to list items for sale. However, for businesses, it is a place to advertise the company, increase brand visibility, and generate new conversions. With the use of Ads Manager tool, you can create an ad and set a budget. The ad will appear for relevant product searches next to other search results on the Facebook mobile app.

4. Suggested Videos

Suggested video ads appear in Facebook’s video-only section between organic video content. It is activated when a user watches a video. The Facebook algorithm then suggests other videos to the user once their initial video has finished. Suggested videos appear as feed videos and start to play as people scroll through their feed. This advertisement placement can be automatic or selected by the advertiser. To track the progress of the ad, advertisers must choose objectives in the Ads Manager. The supported goals are app installs, brand awareness, views, engagement, traffic, reach, and website conversions.

5. Right Column

Right column ads are exclusive to users browsing Facebook on computers and appear on the right column of Facebook.

6. Facebook Stories & Messenger Stories

As the title explains, the stories and messenger ads appear in users’ stories on Messenger Stories and Facebook Stories in between organic stories.

7. In-Stream Videos

In-stream video ads appear as short five to 15-second video advertisements in videos that users are watching on Facebook or through the Audience Network. Once you create an ad in Ads Manager, select an audience, budget, and schedule, and you can choose one of the following ad objectives:

  • Brand awareness
  • Video views
  • App installs
  • Engagement
  • Reach

Instagram ad placement, similarly to Facebook, offers the photo, video, and carousel ad format, and story ads.

Instagram Feed

Instagram ad placement with feed ads appear in between organic feed content when people scroll their feed. These ads appear in a bold format and are highly visual. As more than half a billion accounts are used every day on Instagram, the platform provides an excellent space for advertisers to engage with their audience and to generate new leads and brand awareness.

Instagram Stories

Instagram story ads are presented in a full-screen vertical format in between organic story content. As the platform enables advertisers to target audience by demographics, interests, and based on the accounts they follow, it is a great way to reach a very targeted audience.

If your Instagram ad campaign goal is to reach a broader audience, drive traffic, deliver app installs, and increase brand awareness, Instagram Stories are the place for your brand to thrive.

More than 50% of business accounts use story ads on Instagram, and you can see your performance metrics in the insights section. From your Instagram ad options, we generally seen good performance from Instagram Stories.

Choose the platform and ad placement that would benefit your brand the most. If you require help managing your Facebook and Instagram PPC advertisements, get in touch with Pepper PPC Agency today by clicking here.