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What types of PPC ads are there? 8 types of PPC ads

Rashed Khan / Ppc / June 01, 2020

PPC marketing can be highly profitable when a proper strategy is created, and the right PPC features are used. It is essential to be aware of all the campaign types of PPC ads that are available to you as well as when you should be using them. Once you have this knowledge, you can start to create a PPC management strategy that uses the right campaigns types to achieve your marketing goals.

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What are the benefits of PPC advertising – 28 benefits of Google Ads

There are several advertising platforms that you can use if you’re considering PPC advertising. However, [Google Ads is the largest search provider on the market](https://www.statista.com/study/38338/digital-advertising-report-search-advertising/), which is why a lot of PPC advertisers start with Google Ads advertising first. There are several benefits to doing PPC advertising on Google Ads. If you’re considering using Google Ads to advertise your business on Google Ads, then there are many benefits that you should consider. Here are twenty-eight from the many benefits of running PPC marketing on Google Ads:

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How to turn off automated ad extensions on Google Ads

Rashed Khan / Google-ads / April 27, 2020

If you’ve been doing PPC marketing for the past few years, you’ll be aware that **Google have been gradually ushering in more automation** and machine learning into their Google Ads platform. **Google can automate many things in your Google Ads PPC account**. Google Ads can now automate bidding, Display targeting, display ad creation, search targeting, ad copy optimisation and Shopping campaign management to name a few things.

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Should I choose a PPC agency, freelancer or do it myself?

Rashed Khan / Ppc / April 20, 2020

If you’re looking to promote your business with PPC advertising, you will eventually have a crucial question answer. Should you run PPC advertising yourself or should you pay someone else to do it?

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7 tips to ace a PPC marketing interview

Rashed Khan / Ppc / April 14, 2020

I have been working in digital marketing for nine years and have been doing PPC marketing for almost seven years. During this time, I’ve interviewed several people for junior and entry-level PPC marketing jobs. I’ve interviewed graduates who did not have what it takes to do PPC marketing, and I’ve interviewed people who would be ideal for the role. I’ve also interviewed people who I felt may have been good for the role but who just did not come across very well. I had to turn these people down even though I did think that these people would have gotten the job had they prepared a little more.

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How to get the most out of the updated Attribution report

Rashed Khan / Ppc / April 03, 2020

Google Ads has a section that can help with measuring the click journey before a conversion occurred in your PPC account. This report has previously been called Search Attribution, but Google has revamped it and changed the name to Attribution. To get to the Attribution page within Google Ads click on ‘Tools & Settings’ on the top right of the page and then on ‘Attribution’ which can be found under the ‘Measurement’ heading.

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Covid-19 – what PPC advertisers should expect

Rashed Khan / Ppc / March 16, 2020

As Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is increasingly spreading more rapidly in the UK, the uncertainty has caused a lot of hysteria and general panic in the last few days. While the government decides on the best way forward for the country, many businesses are having to consider what their strategy should be amidst the panic.

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Online clothing sellers – your PPC strategy by season

Rashed Khan / Ppc / March 09, 2020

If you sell clothing online, you are most likely aware of the fact that sales for each type of product vary a lot based on the time of the year and season. For clothing businesses using PPC advertising to sell their clothes, this presents a problem. It is not enough to just look at the last fourteen or last thirty days of data to decide on how much to bid on a keyword and whether to keep it running. This is because the performance of the keyword may change based on the season. So just because a particular keyword did well last month, does not necessarily mean that it will do well this month.

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Google Analytics Attribution Models Explained – a Look at Your Options

Rashed Khan / Google-ads / February 19, 2020

It is rarely the case that a customer will search for something on Google, click a PPC ad and then make a purchase after the first visit. There is often a research journey where the customer is influenced or led into making a purchase on your site. This blog will talk about what an attribution model is in Google Analytics, why it is important to consider and what attribution models you have available to you in Google Analytics.

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Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) – your questions answered

Rashed Khan / Ppc / January 28, 2020

Google’s Shopping campaign type can often be the most profitable aspect of an ecommerce advertiser’s PPC advertising. The fact that the customer can see an image of the product alongside the price means that a click is already more qualified than a click on, for example, a text ad. With Google Shopping ads becoming ever more popular, advertisers need to constantly look for a way to be more competitive so that they can beat the competition and therefore increase sales. CSS is an option to help advertisers compete better on Shopping auctions. We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that we get asked on CSS below.

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Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) – Your Questions Answered

Rashed Khan / Ppc / January 21, 2020

With Google Shopping ads becoming ever more popular, advertisers need to constantly look for a way to be more competitive so that they can beat the competition and therefore increase sales. CSS is an option to help advertisers compete better on Shopping auctions. We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that we get asked on CSS below.

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What to look for when choosing a PPC agency

Rashed Khan / Ppc / January 16, 2020

When done right, PPC advertising can prove to be very profitable. When done poorly, PPC becomes a money pit with no benefits to the business. If you turn to Google support for advice, then what they’re going to tell you is something that will definitely be good for them but may not necessarily be good for you. This is because it is in Google’s interest for you to keep spending and increasing that spend.

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46 Free PPC Tools for PPC Experts

Rashed Khan / Ppc / September 09, 2019

PPC can be challenging, but there are a number of tools available on the internet to make things easier. If you’re on a budget and are looking for free PPC tools, then I’ve compiled a list of the top 46 below. Some of these tools have paid options, but I’ve only included details of the free versions. We don’t use all of the tools listed, as we have our own in-house built tools. But for everyone else, the below may be useful.

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25 PPC Formulas Everyone Should Know

Rashed Khan / Ppc / September 02, 2019

One of the first things that people learn when starting out in PPC are some basic formulas like how to calculate clickthrough rates and cost per clicks. A PPC account can’t be managed successfully without knowing a few basic formulas. This is because to do data analysis, it is necessary to manipulate the data in ways that reveal where the opportunities and pitfalls are.

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Comparing Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, Linkedin, Reddit & Quora Attribution

Rashed Khan / Ppc / August 19, 2019

With so many paid advertising platforms being available to marketers, there is a wealth of opportunity out there. But if you’re advertising on multiple advertising platforms and operate in a niche that has a long sales funnel, then you may end up with more than one platform taking credit for the same conversion. Another problem is that if you add up conversions from more than one advertising platform with what you’re seeing in Google Analytics, the numbers almost never match up.

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Should I Bid on Brand? An Objective Look

Rashed Khan / Ppc / August 12, 2019

Let's want to talk about the specific instances when you could consider bidding on brand and how to go about deciding whether to do so. Whether you choose to bid on brand or not, it’s important to make sure that you’re funnelling traffic into the correct campaigns.

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Google Shopping Feed Optimisation – Have You Done These Seven Things?

Rashed Khan / Google-ads / August 05, 2019

In many eCommerce Google Ads accounts, Google Shopping is the most profitable part of the account. Many marketers will put in a lot of time and effort optimising what they can see within Google Ads but will often neglect an important aspect of a Shopping campaign — the feed! While there are many factors that you can look at when optimising a feed. Here are eight areas that you can start looking into.

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What is Google Search Partners, and Should I Switch it On? Your Questions Answered!

Rashed Khan / Search / July 29, 2019

When you’re creating a new campaign, the Google Ads interface will ask if you want to switch on Search Partners, but have you ever wondered what this option does? Search Partners allows advertisers to extend the reach of their ads to show (in a search results like fashion) on sites other than in Google’s search engine.

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Quora Ads – From Beginner to Your First Campaign

Rashed Khan / Quora / April 16, 2019

While Google Ads is still the go-to platform for paid online marketing, it makes sense to keep an eye on other platforms and diversify your portfolio. As marketers, we should be aware of the benefits of each advertising platform so that we’re better equipped to make full and informed paid marketing strategies that are right for our businesses or clients...

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Are You a Victim of Click Fraud?

Rashed Khan / Ppc / April 02, 2019

Are you suffering from poor conversion rates and can’t seem to figure out why? Well there’s a number of factors that could be causing this but have you thought about click fraud? Click Guardian predicts that $27 billion was lost to click fraud in 2018. Click fraud is any click on your PPC ads where the person or bot clicking has no interest in what you’re offering and has no intention of making a purchase...

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Is It Time to Abandon Average Position?

Rashed Khan / Ppc / February 26, 2019

Last year Google released some new impression share metrics to help advertisers monitor and identify where their ads appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). Two of these metrics are “Search top impression share” and “Search absolute top impression share”. They help to address some of the limitations of only looking at average position to determine an advertisers’ ad position...

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Seriously Though, Why Are You Not Advertising on Amazon?

Rashed Khan / Amazon / February 25, 2019

With over 300 million users and more than 50% of shoppers using Amazon in their product search, I’ve been impressed with the growth of Amazon’s advertising platform this year...

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Why Are My Sales Different in Google Ads and Google Analytics?

Rashed Khan / Ppc / December 04, 2018

Having worked many years in PPC, there tends to be one question that I’ve seen account managers ask again and again: