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Free advertising opportunities for small businesses during COVID-19

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / May 25, 2020

In March, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet and Google’s parent company announced that the corporation has set up a fund to support small businesses, governments, and health organisations during the challenging times of a global pandemic.

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How to manage your PPC budget

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / March 23, 2020

PPC budget is the advertising funding that you, as an advertiser, must participate in the search engine paid search auctions. The budget is spent by paying a cost per click every time a user clicks on your advertisement. As an advertiser in PPC advertising, you pay for a prominent position in the search engines, which means increase visibility and potentially increase traffic to your site and conversions.

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PPC Optimised Landing Pages

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / February 24, 2020

PPC is often focused on the ad copy, budget, and keywords, however, all of that is very focused on getting the ad displayed, seen and clicked on by a potential website visitor and customer. However, there is a second part to getting the user to convert, which is where PPC landing page optimisation comes in play.

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Your Common PPC Questions Answered

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / February 10, 2020

If your business is running PPC ads and you do not see the results you wish for, there are multiple ways we can help optimise your campaigns and increase the return on investment: • Account restructuring – campaigns and ad groups • Keyword and negative keyword research • Ad copy optimisation • Audience targeting • Bid adjustment and budget management To read more about the importance of PPC and the role of a PPC account manager, visit our ultimate guide to PPC advertising.

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Advertising on Pinterest

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / February 03, 2020

Pinterest is a content discovery platform with more than 300 million active monthly users, of which two million save Shopping Pins on their Pinterest boards every day. More than 200 billion pins have been added to Pinterest, and 98% of users say they have tried new ideas and discovered things on the platform.

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Dynamic keyword insertion dos and don’ts

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / January 06, 2020

Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) is an advanced Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising feature that updates an ad with one of the predefined keywords, which matches the user’s search intent the most. At Pepper, we use a granular structure, which, among other things, brings with it the benefits that DKI provides. However, it is useful to know how a dynamic keyword insertion works and how you can use this feature properly.

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How to Excel in The 2020 Google Ads Fundamentals Exam?

Google Academy for Ads is Google’s own digital school for those seeking knowledge and accreditation on a variety of digital marketing, advertising, content creation, and business administration topics. The Google Ads section itself covers all things digital advertising on Google, providing informative training courses and certifications...

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What is Quality Score, and why is it important?

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / December 23, 2019

Quality Score is a PPC related metric used in Google Ads to determine the performance of your advertisements.

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Shopping Campaign Tips And Tricks For The Holiday Season

Annija Erdmane / Google-ads / December 20, 2019

An optimised shopping campaign will likely reward you with a higher conversion and goal completion rate this holiday season, therefore follow these five steps, and you will get your products in front of most relevant users and have a higher chance to convert.

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Google Ad Extension Overview

Annija Erdmane / Google-ads / December 12, 2019

It is essential to have an engaging, action provoking ad that is convenient for users to interact with. To achieve these ad qualities, however, ad extensions can be used. In my blog post Five tips for writing great text ad copy, I gave a brief overview of all the ten ad extension types and their main functionality. Let’s have a detailed close look at each ad extension type, their specific requirements, advantages, and disadvantages.

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PPC Giveaway Winner Announcement

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / December 02, 2019

Throughout the month of November, Pepper PPC hosted a competition, where Yorkshire-based charities and non-profit organisations could apply for a chance to win six months of free PPC account management services — including help applying for the Google Ad Grants scheme.

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Facebook and Instagram PPC ad Placement Options Explained

Annija Erdmane / Ad / November 26, 2019

Facebook and Instagram have a wide variety of advertisement placement options. When setting up an ad, advertisers are asked to choose between automatic placements and edit placements, the manually selected ad placements. This blog post presents the ways you can advertise on the platform.

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New Lead Form Extensions Released for Google Ads

Annija Erdmane / Google-ads / November 12, 2019

Recently, Google released a beta version of a new ad extension entitled “lead form extension”, which enables advertisers to capture new leads quicker. With the new extension, users simply enter their name and contact details without navigating their way through the website.

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Pepper PPC is Giving Away Free PPC Services to a Yorkshire Charity

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / November 04, 2019

We are delighted to announce that we are giving away six months of free PPC account management to a local charity through a giveaway. Google Ad Grants is an advertising solution, which effectively gives free advertising on Google. It grants $10,000 Google Ads monthly advertising budget to non-profit organisations. The grant enables charities to reach a bigger audience, spread the word on their activities, raise more money, and recruit more volunteers. Excited about Google giving back and wanting to raise awareness of this opportunity amongst non-profits, Pepper PPC has decided to give back to its local community in Yorkshire by offering one local charity free PPC account management services for six months. If you’re a charity or non-profit organisation based in Yorkshire that is already a Google Ad Grantee or is looking for help applying for the grant and running Google Ads campaigns, you are encouraged to enter.

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Five PPC Tips For The Travel Industry

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / October 30, 2019

As the travel industry is ever-changing and highly competitive, we have put together five PPC recommendations, that will help travel companies reach their PPC campaign objectives.

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Google Ads Remarketing Best Practices

Annija Erdmane / Google-ads / October 24, 2019

Remarketing is also known as retargeting, which means a practice of showing ads to users that have previously interacted with your ads or visited your website. Remarketing is done by injecting a snippet of code, which enables a business to store data on user behaviour and search history, commonly known as “cookies”. The data can then be used for a more targeted advertising approach. This audience group is believed to be the likeliest to interact with your ad again by clicking on it and converting. This article comprises seven best practices for achieving a successful, goal-driven remarketing campaign.

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Paid Social Platform Overview

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / October 14, 2019

As social media has a lot of information and insights about user demographics, behaviour, and interests, it boasts perfect advertising platforms both for B2B and B2C businesses. Last month, we introduced you to the pros and cons of using social media for PPC, and the differences it has with paid search advertising. Let’s have a close look at each of the most popular social media channels and how the platforms can benefit your business growth.

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Nine Ways to Improve Your Local PPC Ad Campaigns

Annija Erdmane / Ad / October 07, 2019

If you offer services to a specific set of locations, or even more, to specific postcodes, then local PPC is the digital advertising strategy to go for. To illustrate, if you offer waste collection services in Leeds, you will want to target users located in LS postcodes and waste collection related keywords containing LS postcodes. The reality is, targeting keywords, internationally or nationally, can be a costly approach and a challenging playground to compete in. The proximity to a local market is what gives you the advantage over more prominent players. This blog encompasses tips and tricks on how to excel at local PPC.

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Automation and Machine Learning in PPC

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / October 03, 2019

Numerous tasks would improve time efficiency and accuracy if done automatically. This is where machine learning comes into play as well, crunching big data and exploring user patterns, while PPC marketers are gaining time for strategy and solution-finding. In the past few years, Google has rolled out several “smart” automated features, which further confirms the growing influence of machine learning in pay per click advertising.

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The Pros and Cons of Video Advertising

Annija Erdmane / Ad / September 25, 2019

Video advertising can be beneficial for building brand awareness and growth and can also give it a distinct personality. As a survey has concluded that 80% of people retain the information in video advertisements seen in the past month, video ads seem to have proven themselves to be both impactful and powerful. Equally, when videos get shared on social media channels, the reach of your brand increases even further.

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Introduction to Social Media PPC advertising

Annija Erdmane / Ad / September 18, 2019

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are the three pillars of digital advertising and marketing. This blog focuses on the pros, cons and tips and tricks of running social media PPC campaigns. Similar to search PPC, social PPC can serve as a tool to increase conversions and generate brand awareness. Social ads are at the forefront of digital advertising, as platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram enable advertisers to target specific audiences based on their network, topics and accounts they follow to name a few.

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How to Use the Search Terms Report?

Annija Erdmane / Keywords / August 27, 2019

Commonly mistaken for a keyword, a search query is what a user enters in a search engine to find relevant results. It is a word, or a string of words, that can contain an already identified keyword, a misspelling of it, or additional words. A keyword is a singular word or a word combination that PPC specialists target in paid ads and bid on.

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Google Ads’ Average Position Metric Will Be Removed From 30 September

Annija Erdmane / Google-ads / August 15, 2019

On 12 August 2019, Google announced that as of 30 September 2019 it will be removing average position from its metrics. As the average position is sunsetting, Google recommends using six alternative metrics.

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What is Phrase match? Google Ads Phrase match & Broad Match Modifier Keywords Updated

Annija Erdmane / Keywords / August 14, 2019

On 31 July 2019, Google announced that it would be making changes to the reach of phrase match and broad match modifiers to help advertisers reach more consumers.

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How to Share Account Access on Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing Ads)?

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / July 22, 2019

We have already guided through the procedure for Google Ads account access sharing, so now it is time for another highly used PPC platform - Microsoft Advertising (formerly known as Bing Ads).

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How to Share Google Ads Account Access?

Are you looking to share access to your Google Ads account with Pepper PPC Agency or perhaps just looking for guidelines to managing your Google Ads account access? We have an easy to understand step-by-step guide to safely granting access and sharing your Google Ads account with other users.

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What is PPC? The Ultimate Guide

Annija Erdmane / Ppc / July 08, 2019

This guide will serve as your ultimate handbook for all things PPC. Structured in three chapters, this digital manual encompasses the basics of PPC, helps you get started with your own online ad campaigns, and teaches you how PPC can be used for achieving your business goals.

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Five Tips for Writing Great Text Ad Copy

Annija Erdmane / Ad / / / March 14, 2019

In order to expand your business, you need to acquire new customers. Advertising is an essential part of business growth, but it relies fully upon the quality and efficacy of an ad. I have compiled five tips for writing great text ad copy....

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What Are Keyword Matchtypes and Why Are They Important?

Annija Erdmane / Keywords / March 04, 2019

A pivotal part of maximising the performance of a PPC campaign is choosing the right keywords and keyword matchtypes. Once that you have set up a campaign, strategically categorised ad groups within it, and grouped your keywords in each ad group, you can apply matchtypes to your keywords.....